2016 Detroit Auto Show Top Pick

The 2016 auto show in Detroit had quite the selection of cars as usual and did not disappoint. As the United States is moving more towards trucks, SUVS, and crossovers the auto show was not indicative of this new shift. A lot of the new cars being introduced were sedans and coupes. Sales of SUVs and other truck like vehicles have risen to a record of 17.5 million worth of sales last year in 2015.

That is why one of the most interesting pick of this show is a car that Chrysler has announced and shown at this year’s auto show. It is none other than the Chrysler Pacifica. A reboot of its former 2008 model as it is now new and improved.

Advanced Specifications

The mid size crossover SUV is back and its packing a punch in terms of being a new vehicle. The Pacifica will come offered with a plug in hybrid model that puts the EV range at 30 miles with its 16-kWH battery that is lithium ion. It is going to be located under the second row of seats and has a recharge time of 2 hours. The recharge time is dependent on having a 240-volt charger or not. Put together with both the gasoline and battery it clocks in at having 80 MPG.

The company is also offering a gasoline only version. Its engine is a 287-hp V6 model. Aside from the new offerings of gasoline and hybrid models, the car comes packed with some new interior features and excellent driving capabilities. The inside of the car is filled with new and modern technology. It has a Garmin navigation system in the dashboard and LCDS in the front of the seatbacks. It has sliding doors and a new outside camera system. The camera system is able to access a full 360 range around the entirety of the car. It has self-parking for both parallel and perpendicular parking. It comes with adaptive cruise control and also a new built in vacuum system cleaner.

It doesn’t look like the traditional mini van as well at the outside. It’s in its own category of its own as it doesn’t look like a station wagon or a traditional crossover. The good thing about the aesthetics of the layout is that it does not look boxy either. There is no wood trim on the outside of the car. The PHEV Pacifica won’t be burning any gasoline and this is a great step forward for Chrysler to get into the Hybrid game.

The auto market is taking a step forward in the right direction as it embraces new technologies that are going to make it easier for drivers on the road and more convenient for them as well. This includes new ways of self-parking and correction that will eventually lead into full fledged self-driving capabilities. The car is not getting rid of comfort either and embracing new electronic technologies that are better for the environment.


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