2017 Honda Accord Sports: Really A Low Cost Affair With Fun Drive


Accord Sedan at $24,265 is the maximum you can ask for the brand, Honda. Usually, when you decide to approach a car dealer, you are well-prepared, have done your homework and have zeroed on the car. Honda Accord Sports is going to be one of the best options for those who need an entry and mid-level sports car. This ninth-generation car is crisply styled and aerodynamically efficient to v-room the road with style.


Cheap car with nice sports utilities:


The 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with the output of 189 hp and high flow exhaust is efficient to get a reasonable sports performance with the support of 182 lb-ft. Although for a sports section, the car does not qualify in the best wings still the brand Honda and the quality inspire the customers to have a look at the option in the sports trim. The 27/37 EPA on the road is acceptable with the price. The car shows advanced compatibility engineering body structure and is equipped with Pedestrian injury mitigation design. The expanded view driver’s mirrors and multi-angle rearview camera w/dynamic guidelines are other safety features that shout comfort and easy driving for a new learner. Halogen lights and LED taillights add more points to safer driving.


Other specifications


The 109.3 inches wheelbase and 62.8/62.9 inches rear/front track is qualified as sports utility features. Next in the line is 19-inch wheels which gets reduced to 17 inches in the EX model. The sports car also flaunts leather-wrapped steering wheel and aluminum pedals that are exclusive for this car. Although the features are just basic and not going to attract those sports car lovers who want everything exclusive and superior quality, yet the signature features of Honda like adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist and six-speed manual transition provide some breakthrough for the users. If one wants the automatic transmission, the cost is $2000 higher than the manual one.


The typical Accord


The electric power steering and the speed of 0-60mph in just 7 seconds are some of the items in the platter apart other improvements like rigid bulkhead and front shock tower bar that are more rigid than the previous versions. Except LX grade, the sports version is equipped with front upper member stiffener, central tunnel brace and front and rear damper housing stiffeners that are the new additions. The major facelift in the Sedan Sport is clearly visible like the sharper front bumper, which is slightly creased and intricately structured. Meshed lower area with LED fog light, sharp aluminum hood instead of a previous steel hood, and more pronounced front grill adds oomph to the model.  




Overall, at this price, the Honda Accord Sports offers almost everything that one needs in a sport car. The loyal customers of Honda know that the car is known for its large space, lightweight, a styled cozy interior and a great combination of value and performance. The car is also listed among the best top 10 cars of the year in various renowned car magazines.


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