Let’s Check Who Won & Lost At 2016 Detroit Auto Show

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) was started back in 1899 by William E. Metzger. Since then this event has grown into a spectacle that everyone looks forward to each year. It is held in Detroit, Michigan at Cobo Centre every year in January. Being one of the largest auto shows in North America, thousands of people attend this event with utmost excitement.


This year also, the grand Auto Show left all the car-crazy people awestruck with the splendid demonstration of an end number of fabulous cars, which primarily included 2017 Audi A4, 2016 BMW M2, and 2017 Ford Fusion though there were many other brands, as well. However, the show was well stolen by the Honda Civic and Volvo XC90, which were respectively awarded with the best car and truck of the year.   


Given below is an analysis of a few of those cars, which not only became the apple of everybody’s eyes, but also left all and sundry available there awe-inspiring by virtue of their amazing looks and advance features, as well.


1)  2017 AUDI A4


Pros: The latest AUDI A4 holds to itself a sense of continuity. It consists of a slow refinement that works well with most of the customers. Moreover, it offers a good interior space for a car which is compact by nature. The vehicle has undoubtedly been built using the highly-graded materials, which is also why it is probably worth every penny one will invest.


Cons: There are, however, too many similarities between the latest and the last model of the A4. This indicates a lack of innovation in the car. Due to the given lack of redesigning the model, the Audi A4 falls flat when it comes to comparing it with other competitive  cars, which boast of better features.


2)  2016 BMW M2


Pros: The BMW M2 is equipped with greater power and an updated style of its own that won’t fail to impress the market. It has gotten bigger since the creation of the last model. Moreover, the BMW M2 is even considered to be the finest performing car of the year. The suspension, aluminium front and rear axles are exceptional, as per reports.


Cons: The pricing can bend a little toward the high side, especially given the fact that it is already too costly.


3)  2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV


Pros: Chevrolet, while building this 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV car, have considered the convenience and comfort of the passengers. The car has a  substantial amount of interior space, which will make you feel fully relaxed and comfortable while driving and sitting in the car. However, it is its ultra – modern styling what will most appeal  the customers. Available to buy at a very reasonable price, the cost of the car will also not hit hard at your pocket.


Cons: There are several debatable factors that should help consider whether or not this car is a practical purchase. There is nothing highly impressive about the exterior design of the car, either.


4)  2017 Ford Fusion


Pros: The all new 2017 Fusion beats the heat of all and sundry when it comes to serious performance. It is an excellent fusion of style and comfort. It, in fact, stands in every way. From outside, the Ford Fusion has a distinctive, newly designed front grille with new LED headlamps, whereas from inside, it comes inbuilt with smart driver-assist technologies and voice-activated controls. Available in many different variants like Fusion Titanium, Fusion Platinum, Fusion Sport and  Fusion Hybrid, the Ford Fusion is purposefully built for those who are a true performance seeker.  


Cons: But, similar to other models mentioned above, this Fusion is also not immune from the cons. Yes, it doesn’t have any new innovation. It is rather quite like the models that Ford had already rolled out.  


Thus, there were though many other cars that were launched at the event, the above given are the most primary ones. But, it is important for you to appropriately weigh the pros and cons as well as judge yourself who is the winner and loser at this grand North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).


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