What will cheap gas do for electric cars?

One would think that with gas prices lowering by the day, electric cars would be getting overlooked by car buyers everywhere. The truth is that sales of electric cars are at an all time high, and cheap gas doesn’t seem to be stopping the trend.  There are many opinions as to why electric cars are becoming more sought after even though gas prices are lowering, but the most popular one seems to be that cheap gas is only a temporary thing. Car buyers are looking to the future and embracing the fact that electric vehicles are the better option. They are better for the environment and once the cost of fuel goes up, which is inevitable,  it will be easier on the pocketbook to own an electric car.


This is not to say that bigger gas guzzlers aren’t selling, in fact the best selling vehicle last month was the Ford F150, a pickup truck known for its less than stellar gas mileage. Yet, car shoppers are still picking up smaller suv’s, and electric vehicles. What does an electric car have to offer? The thought of many electric vehicle owners is that these cars are clearly superior. They are cheap, fast, quiet and convenient to drive around town. There is no need to stop at the gas station to fill up the tank and you can get decent mileage for every charge. There is no need to get an oil change or fluid checks, or any of the other hundreds of pesky car repairs that come with a gas powered vehicle. The highest milage on a single charge in a Tesla Model S 85D is 270 miles, that is the highest for any electric car, but the technology for electric vehicles is only getting better, so if we have gotten almost 300 miles off of one charge who’s to know what is to come in the upcoming years.


Not only is an electric car easier to maintain in the long run it’s also better for the environment. In a society that that is heavily dependent on cars which constantly put out high levels of emissions, we need a cleaner vehicle to better the world. Even if you were to plug a vehicle into a high energy power station, it still wouldn’t be releasing CO2 emissions higher than most fuel burning vehicles, and that’s on a high energy, wasteful station. In the near future we are going to have solar powered energy grids with clean energy to power these electric vehicles. It will be a wonderful thing for the atmosphere if we continue our rise in electric vehicles.


The government also offers many incentives for anyone buying an electric car, in the form of tax breaks and cash back on the new purchase of an electric vehicle. It’s a great time to get an electric vehicle. The days of low gas prices are numbered, that is a fact proven over and over again. As long as gas prices are low people won’t take as much notice but the next time the price of fuel increases, electric vehicles will be far superior and be the more popular choice, it’s only a matter of time.

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